Summer, fresh air, friends, joy and simplicity: the wine for your summer days
Looking for a good wine for summer days with friends, outside the usual clichés? We may have a solution for you
A good glass of red wine for top barbecues
With the arrival of summer comes the desire to spend more time outdoors in the company of friends in a cheerful and simple way. And now wine has also arrived for summer days that are different from the usual, tasty and fashionable. A barbecue in the garden and a glass of wine for everyone, even when the invitation comes at the last minute!
What makes Wixo the perfect wine for your summer days? First of all, the format: you don't have to uncork the bottle (which then remains open and who can finish it?), the glass is ready to uncork and consume. And, let's face it, it's nice and smart: on the table with small inviting appetizers it becomes really irresistible!
And that's not all: everyone has their own taste in wine. There are those who love the body of red, those who prefer the aromatic notes of white, and those who can't resist the cheerfulness of rosé. This makes Wixo even more of an ideal choice for those who are looking for a wine to enrich their summer days that can satisfy all tastes: everyone chooses for themselves, and no one has to agree.
Wine is a must on a summer's day in the company of friends: but are we sure we should resort to the usual bottle? Here is a trendy, quality and fun proposal for a different kind of drink.
Still need a reason? Storage is easy: the glasses weigh little, are easy to store in the pantry or fridge and take up little space. What's more, they have a shelf life of several months, so it's best to build up a stock and take it out at the most opportune moment, even for last-minute invitations or when you want to surprise your friends.
The wine is quality: Wixo has chosen wines that are excellent and easy to drink. The Terre Cevico winery is a historic brand that gives consumers all the guarantees of good Italian wine.
With Wixo glasses, everyone can choose the wine they prefer. They are beautiful to look at, easy to store for last-minute invitations and can be reused in a thousand ways. So the wine for your summer days with friends changes face!
Moreover, PET glasses are 100% recyclable or, once washed, can be reused for a thousand applications: as jars for plants, but also finger food, to store spices, honey, sauces or other foods (the lid allows you to close them easily), for the small objects that we always have scattered around the house or in the children's rooms... the ideas for using Wixo glasses are endless, there is also someone who has used them for very original Christmas decorations (and, by the way, let us know what you will invent!).
Ready to organise a summer day out with friends like you've never done before? Your glass of wine is waiting for you!